Full Color Photoceramic Pictures

full color photoceramic pictures

Our full color photoceramic pictures are available in several shapes to fit with any type of memorial design in Minnesota or Iowa. The portrait can be mounted directly on the memorial or mounted inside of a frame or protective cover.


We guarantee the quality of all our photoceramic portraits for the lifetime of the memorial they are attached to. We will replace the portrait free of charge if you find any defects, either in quality or craftsmanship; if they deteriorate or fade; or if instances of vandalism occur.

memorial with color photo

Portrait Shapes

Choose from our selection of portrait shapes below.

Large Panels

In addition to individual portraits, large photoceramic panels are also available. These panels can be as small as 11″ x 12″, as large as 20″ x 25″, or any size in between.

large photo panels

Cover Options

With an optional frame or cover, your portrait can be accented or protected from the elements.

Cover Emblems

If you decide on incorporating a cover with an emblem into your memorial, you can select one of our standard emblems or request one that is customized.

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