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Our History of Quality Memorial Products

Braham Monument Company is a full-service company with access to most any memorial product, technology, or equipment available. From design to installation, we can take care of it all.

Our company was founded by Gust Larson, a Swedish immigrant with knowledge of stone cutting. In 1907 he put this knowledge to work by supplying cemetery memorials; it was at this moment that Braham Monument Company was born. Mr. Larson built his business on the foundation that he should supply products of unequaled quality at competitive prices. His philosophy is still our standard today. We strive to uphold the same level of quality that has sustained the company for over 100 years.

We serve portions of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin with our quality cemetery materials and memorial products. To find out if we deliver to your area, please visit our Delivery Area page. If your preferred delivery area falls outside of this area, we may be able to make a special exception and come install it for you for a reasonable fee; otherwise, we may also be able to ship your order to someone else for installation.

Buying a Memorial

Purchasing a memorial is something we hope you only have to do rarely in your life. Losing a loved one can be difficult, and we understand your desire to commemorate their life. When making this type of purchase, you will want to choose something that will last through the ages. It should not be a decision that is rushed or hurried through. You will want to carefully consider your different options and make your final selection with great care. Below we’ve outlined a few steps you can follow to make sure the process easier.

One of the first things to do before making the purchase of your memorial is to check with the cemetery about any restrictions they might have. They may have rules about the size, design, and style of the memorial; in addition, you should also find out about any fees they may have regarding the installation or type of memorial.

After you’ve spoken with the cemetery and have a clear understanding of what types of memorials are allowed, the next thing you want to do is figure out what your budget is. Once you know how much you are willing and able to spend, you can begin comparing prices between memorials. The size of the memorial, the color and type of granite, and the polish and finish of the memorial can all affect its price. Researching this information will help you find out what memorials are in your price range.


Figuring out how large the memorial should be requires that you look at a variety of factors. A basic standard is that memorials for a single person usually start at least two feet in length. For two people, this rule of thumb increases to three feet. Size may also be determined by the type of memorial you want and your own preference for its individual design.


Granite comes in a variety of colors. Our selection of granite includes stone that has been cut out of domestic quarries as well as granite that has been imported from quarries all over the world. Price and time to delivery depend on what type of granite you select. It is important to note that imported granite is not always more expensive than those quarried domestically.


You have a variety of finishes to choose for your memorial, some of which can be combined. Adding more polished surfaces and areas of special contouring add to the cost of your memorial due to the man hours and materials involved in the process.

Designing a Memorial

After you’ve make the initial decisions regarding the basic elements of the memorial, you can begin designing the specific details of the memorial. Personalizing is a great way to remember and convey a person’s life. We have a variety of techniques that can add scenes and images to the memorial. If, for example, they enjoyed the outdoors, we can use laser engraving to include a nature scene. We even have symbols that can be engraved onto the memorial to reflect their profession. Regardless of what elements of their life you want to include, our graphic artist is able to design your vision by using the latest technology.

Once we’ve finalized the design of your memorial, we can adjust the other elements to help it fit into your budget. At Braham Monument Company we are dedicated to providing you with a memorial that is both affordable and high quality. We’re willing to work with you because we understand that this is one of the most important and long-lasting decisions you’ll ever make. We never rush your decision or pressure you to buy. Regardless of when you’re buying a memorial, whether it’s shortly after the passing of a loved one or years later, we strive to help you feel secure in your design decision.

Delivery & Installation

Starting from the day you place your order, it takes about six to eight weeks for regular orders without customization to be delivered and installed. Memorials with customized elements, including unique sizes or nonstandard shapes, have a longer wait for delivery and installation due to the extra work needed to complete the design.

We hope this limited information helps you with any concerns you may have had regarding a memorial purchase. We welcome your call if you have any further questions.

Please feel free to contact our office in Braham, MN or one of our other sales locations. We always welcome your call! Additionally, you can request a price quote online if you already know what elements you want to include in your memorial.

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